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Sleep Lab Manager

Kent Hospital - Technical Services Job ID: 07036-X1830-001

40 hours per week.
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Job Description
The sleep lab manager is responsible for the oversight of the Sleep Labs at Memorial Hospital and Kent Hospital. The individual serves as a resource for physicians and staff. The manager is responsible for maintaining AASM standards for sleep center accreditation. This includes maintaining quarterly quality assurance reports for in lab and home sleep studies for both Memorial and Kent Hospitals as mandated by the AASM.  In addition, the individual will be responsible for implementing all new standards proposed by the AASM. This is needed for maintaining good standing with payors.

The individual will assist in coordinating workflow between the sleep clinics and sleep labs with the goal of providing timely reports to referring physicians.  The manager will oversee all technologists/staff performing home or in-lab sleep tests and will receive status reports from the lead technologist.  If there is a backlog of home or in-center studies that need to be scored, the lab manager will assist the lead sleep technologist in scoring these studies.  The manager will assure that there is a seamless schedule among the techs performing in-center and home sleep studies at both institutions. Since there is no lead technologist at Memorial Hospital, the lab manager will directly communicate with the night techs regarding problems with equipment and supplies. The manager will meet with staff to address their concerns, provide oversight for sleep tracing quality and convey new procedures to the staff.

The manager will be a resource for the medical director and inform him/her when policies or standards need to change.  In addition, the manager will be a resource for referring physicians who have questions regarding scheduling and types of studies that need to be performed.  The manager may be asked to be involved with marketing the services of the sleep centers.

The manager keeps a log of the number of home sleep studies and in-center sleep studies performed at Kent and Memorial, identifies reasons for reduced or heightened productivity and keeps the Care New England Medical Group Practice Administrator informed of The Sleep Center performance.
Required Education
Bachelor’s degree is required or five to ten years of relevant experience as a registered polysomnography technician (RPSGT). Experience with the AASM accrediting process is highly desired. Experience as a lead technologist in a sleep lab is desirable.
Application Method
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