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Kayla Arpin, RN
Kayla Arpin, RN, VNA of Care New England

“The work of a VNA home health nurse is challenging, rewarding and inspirational. Just ask Kayla Arpin, RN, of Glocester. “You truly get to know the patients. You see their progress and that’s gratifying,” said Kayla. Kayla is a home health, registered nurse with the VNA of Care New England. Kayla came to the VNA four years ago, after working in a sub-acute unit in a nursing home. Her friend told her about the opportunities available at the VNA and after doing a job shadow, she knew it would be just the right fit.

Laura Aussant
Laura Aussant, RN, The Providence Center

Laura Aussant of The Providence Center (TPC) is one of the many Care New England nurses who is going above and beyond their job descriptions to find innovative ways of providing care. Recently, she spearheaded a weekly support group called “Baby on Board” to provide women who are pregnant or have recently given birth with education, support and resources to help ensure a healthy pregnancy and postpartum period.

Providence Center Nursing
Nursing: A Crucial Aspect of Care at The Providence Center (TPC)

When you think of behavioral health care, it’s most likely psychiatrists and case managers that first come to mind. But more and more, nursing has become a critical part of the treatment landscape. The Providence Center employs nurses in many departments with a variety of specialties, including prescribing nurses, float nurses, and nurse practitioners.