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The health care environment can be overwhelming and confusing. Volunteer ambassadors can help reduce anxiety by offering compassionate support to patients and families in many areas of our facilities. Some of our volunteer ambassadors are the face of our hospital as people arrive for care; others provide information when someone is looking for a hospitalized loved one. Some volunteer ambassadors serve our patients and the community in our outpatient offices.

The Ambassador role is key to our patient satisfaction initiatives, as their focus is to welcome and guide our patients, visitors and guests. As the Chief Operating Office for Care New England, James E. Finale recently highlighted “Our collective focus on welcoming patients and families from the parking lot to the bedside will result in the best access and patient satisfaction experience in Rhode Island.” Volunteer Ambassadors target their efforts towards this end regardless of where they are based.

A volunteer ambassador’s duties may vary depending upon the areas supported. Wheelchair transport training is required for most of these positions.

Unit Assistant

Volunteers can also provide customer service and support to patients and staff on our busy nursing care units. While volunteers cannot provide care to patients, they can extend compassion and assistance to ensure staff, patients and family members feel supported.

All volunteers in this role will need to complete transport training to be able to move patients around the facility and connect them with services or to take them to the door where their rides await to bring them home. Additional guidance will be provided on the units when you begin. Placement in a specific department will be determined by a number of factors, including your availability.

If you would like to become a volunteer for one of our ambassador or unit assistant roles, please complete a Volunteer Application. Your application will be reviewed by our program managers. If your application reflects the needs of one of our open positions, you will be invited to a group interview.