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With our summer positions filled to capacity, we will be recruiting for fall placements starting in mid August. You are welcome to submit an application prior to that time, but we will be reviewing them later in the summer with an eye towards fall and early winter needs.

Our Care New England Hospitals are currently recruiting for ambassadors, unit assistants, office assistants.

The specific program pages will be updated with details regarding needs at each hospital as we approach mid-August. Please be sure to review program requirements before submitting a volunteer application. When you do, be sure to indicate your areas of interest as well as your selected hospitals and or programs. This will guide the program managers in the review process.

In addition, Butler Hospital has a number of research opportunities for undergraduate college students studying psychology. There are also a few positions available for students with a concentration in marketing, public relations, or administration.

The Hospice Program of the VNA of CNE is always looking for volunteers to support patients and families out in the community in this services.

An overview of our volunteer roles:

If your goal is to offer support and relieve the anxiety experienced by patients and families coming for services at the hospital, than an ambassador role can be the best way to make that impact.

If the following is the case with you, please consider applying for an ambassador position.

  • You are comfortable approaching people you do not know.
  • You project a warm and confident manner.
  • You enjoy informing and assisting people in an unfamiliar environment.
  • You like to take the uncertainty out of a situation or experience.
  • You are able to provide wheelchair transport (with training).

If you enjoy helping however is needed to make a hospital stay easier for patients and their families or to support patients getting around or leaving the hospital - then a unit assistant position may be for you!

If the following is the case for you, you may want to apply for a unit assistant position:

  • You are comfortable interacting with a variety of staff as well as patients.
  • You enjoy seeing what the shift may hold - as patient volumes and individual patient preferences often determines what help is needed on any given day.
  • You are comfortable spending one-on-one time with patients and, sometimes, their family members, often while transporting them via wheelchair.
  • You can navigate through a large facility, often helping locate needed supplies and equipment.

Of course, office assistant help is needed in some departments to support the communications and documentation needed to keep programs running.

If the following is the case for you, you may want to apply for an office assistant position:

  • You enjoy being based in an office setting.
  • You prefer to have a specific list of tasks to accomplish during your shift.
  • You would rather work with a consistent group of staff rather than with a changing group of patients and families.

If your skills, interests and availability match those of one of our open positions, one of the Volunteer Program staff will invite you to one of our group interview sessions. Registration is required.

Please review our program requirements to ensure your understanding of the commitment and expectations involved. Overviews of particular roles will specify if the requirements differ.

Program Requirements