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The Gift Shop at Kent Hospital

At Care New England, our gift shops service patients, families and staff at each of the hospitals. The gift shop volunteer position includes a variety of duties and responsibilities that requires the applicant to understand inventory in the shop to help the customers. In addition, accuracy, attention to detail and strong interpersonal skills are important.

If you are able to make a regular commitment to at least one or two shifts each week, please complete the Care New England Volunteer Application. You can also email for more information.

Hospice Program

Volunteers are key members of the VNA of Care New England’s Hospice Program. Hospice volunteers support patients and their families who are facing end of life by going to patients’ homes and simply listening and hearing the patient’s story, sharing a cup of coffee, playing cards, lending a helping hand, reading a book out loud, or just sitting quietly to provide companionship.

For more information please email

Pet Therapy Program

Spending time with pets makes us feel good and enriches our lives. At Kent and Butler hospitals, the Pet Therapy Program taps the benefits of this interaction to decrease a patient's stress and enhance the health care experience by providing visits with certified therapy dogs trained to work in a hospital environment. Additional benefits of pet therapy are:

  • Positive therapeutic experiences to help minimize the stress of the hospital environment.
  • Support of the overall social, physical, and emotional development of the child.
  • Reduced anxiety and enhanced coping skills by providing a distraction from illness and hospitalization.
  • Increased normalization of the hospital experience by making it more "home-like."
  • Feelings of unconditional love and acceptance.

For more information please email

Patient and Family Advisory Council

Patient and family centered care is an approach to health care that shapes policies, programs, facility design, and staff day-to-day interactions. It leads to a more informed allocation of resources, better health outcomes, and greater patient and family satisfaction. At Care New England, we embrace the philosophy of patient and family centered care and offer many patient and advisory councils across our hospitals. We understand that our patients, their family members, our community partners and staff have invaluable input that can enhance our professional knowledge and improve the way we provide care for every patient.

For more information or to become a member of one of our councils please contact:

Butler Hospital and Women and Infants Hospital.